Attention to heat stroke

Attention to heat stroke

When the heat rises, a baby has a hard time adjusting. In this summer period, only one watchword: stay in the shade and give to drink! The advice of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris, to help your little one in case of big heat.

Under what conditions does heat stroke occur?

  • It takes place when the baby stayed too long in a confined and overheated atmosphere. It can be a room that is too hot, a train compartment poorly ventilated, under an umbrella at times when the sun's rays are hot, just like in a pram with a closed hood, in a car, a caravan, a tent.
  • The regulation of the temperature being hurt in the infant, any external warming can constitute a threat.

What are the symptoms ?

  • A baby victim of heat stroke becomes sleepy, depressed or otherwise agitated, irritable. The fever is high, often above 41 ° C.
  • The main risk is dehydration, especially as the baby is young. Here are the signs that should alert you: if you pinch the skin of your belly and it remains more wrinkled than normal, if his eyes are surrounded, if his tongue is dry, if disorders of consciousness appear, consult urgently.

What should you do in case of heat stroke?

  • Go to the emergency room or call Samu (15), firefighters (18) or 112. State precisely the nature of the call: a dehydrated baby, then the essential information: your phone, the number and the name of the street, the floor, the digicode ...
  • While waiting for help, put your baby in a cool place, undress, lie down. Then wrap his body with a damp cloth. Propose to drink in small amounts never frozen, to avoid a thermal shock. To lower the fever, first give him a double dose of paracetamol, then according to the indications of your pediatrician. Your baby may be hospitalized for effective rehydration.

What attitude to have in the car?

  • Stop often and check that your baby is fine. He sleeps a lot? Be wary because drowsiness is one of the signs of heat stroke. Moisten his body regularly. You can also plan a water spray with which you will sprinkle your baby. Finally, always make a supply of water. A traffic jam or car breakdown can still occur. Important: equip your rear and side windows with sun visors.

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