10 names that dance!

10 names that dance!

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Isadora (Duncan), Benjamin (Millepied), Allegra (Kent) ... star names that make us want to dance. Come on, are we revising our classics? Their names are often less so.

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10 names that dance! (10 photos)


Allegra ... as Allegra Kent, from his real name Iris. This star dancer at the New York City Ballet, born in 1937, also participated in films like Dancing for Mr B or The Addams Family. So, actress or dancer your doll?
Of Latin origin, the name Allegra means "happy". It is still little used but climbs!


Mikhail ... like Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the greatest figures of contemporary ballet (born in 1948). Of Russian origin, he joined the New York City Ballet in 1978 and also played the actor in Sex & The City.
Derived from Michel, Mikhail comes from Hebrew Mid-kha-El which means "who is like God". His birthday: September 29th. If you prefer, the nickname of the dancer was Misha.


Anna ... as Anna Pavlova (1881-1931), star of Russian ballets, considered the best classical ballet dancer in history. It is to her that we owe the delicious dessert of the same name, pavlova, invented in her honor.
Derived from Anne, Anna comes from Hebrew Hannah meaning "grace" ... a name found for the dancer ... and your future princess! His birthday: July 26th.


Patrick ... as Patrick Dupond, virtuoso dancer and former director of dance at the Paris Opera. Child, it seems that he was turbulent and that is why his mother had the idea to enroll in ballet ...
A classic name too, Patrick comes from the Latin word patricius, meaning "belonging to the Roman nobility". To celebrate on March 17th.


Margot ... as Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991). From her real name Margaret, this English star received the prestigious title of prima ballerina assoluta and was the appointed partner of Nureyev and his muse.
Like the name Margaux, Margot is a diminutive of Marguerite, from the Greek Margarites, "the Pearl". Good idea for your veryor to you! His birthday: November 16th.


Benjamin ... like Benjamin Millepied. A predestined family name for this outstanding dancer who directed the Paris Opera and a rather classic name. The little boy he had with American actress Natalie Portman is much less: Aleph!
Benjamin comes from Hebrew ben'yaminwhich means "son of the right hand". His birthday: March 31st.
In several European countries, the word "benjamin" refers to the last born of a family.


Isadora ... as Isadora Duncan (1878-1927), famous American dancer and choreographer of Irish origin with a very personal style, preaching the natural. A personality full of spontaneity to adopt for your choupette?
Derived from the name Isidore, Isadora leans more towards a Latin style. It originates from the Greek isidôres which means "gift" or "present of Isis". To celebrate May 10th.


Vaslav ... as Vaslav Nijinski. Here is a name as rare as the one who bore it, the greatest dancer and choreographer of his time (1890 -1950) and star of the Ballets Russes. A sacred character ... of which perhaps your little boy will inherit with this name.
Polish derivative of Vaclav, itself contracted form of Veceslav, the name Vaslav comes from Slavic termsvienetz andslava, "crown" and "glory". His birthday: September 28th.


Aurélie ... like Aurélie Dupont, ex-star dancer, now ballet master at the Paris Opera. A ball of energy that you may want to share with your unborn baby.
Feminine Aurélien, the name Aurélie comes from Latin aureus oraurum which means "golden, golden". His party: October 15


Rudolf ... as Rudolf Nureyev. Called the "tsar in slippers", here is a mythical figure of the dance (1938-1993), who took advantage of a tour in Paris to leave the Soviet Union and to go to the West. Will your little star be rash, straightforward and straightforward?
Derived from Rodolphe, and Rudolph's Slavic form, Rudolf is made up of Germanic roots hrod and wulf, resulting respectively in "glory" and "wolf". His birthday: June 21st.