Ava launches the first fertility detector bracelet in France

Ava is a sensor bracelet that uses new technology to accurately detect, in real time, the woman's fertile days during her menstrual cycle to help couples conceive.

Ava, a Swiss start-up of medical technology specializing in innovations in the reproduction and monitoring of the women's cycle, launches its first product in France: the Ava bracelet. This bracelet, derived from a new portable technology, tracks and analyzes the cycle of women to determine their fertility period.

How does the Ava bracelet work?

Ava measures 9 physiological parameters including pulse rate, respiratory rate, variability ratio of heart rate and temperature.

Fluctuations in the reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone during the cycle have an impact on many physiological variables. Measuring these 9 parameters can detect a five-day fertility period in the woman's cycle, doubling the chances of conceiving compared to other existing methods.

By wearing the Ava wristband at night and synchronizing it with the Ava mobile application in the morning, users avoid the compelling aspect of other methods of fertility monitoring such as urine tests or the temperature curve.

The Ava bracelet has been proven in a clinical study at the University Hospital Zurich: it detects an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with an accuracy of 89%. This cycle tracking technology is very promising and opens the way to a multitude of possibilities. The startup is working on the evolution of its algorithm that could also be used in the monitoring of pregnancy.

Where to find it?

Ava is now available for purchase and delivery in France on, the Ava Women app can be downloaded from the App Store or Googleplay Store.