Your child 1-3 years

Before the holidays, take stock of his health

Going on vacation with your toddler approach? By the way, is he in good health to make the most of his stay? A little check-up with our pediatrician, Dr. Béatrice di Mascio.

Before departure, an appointment with his doctor, it is necessary?

  • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: It is better and you will take advantage of it, your list of prepared questions, to make a balance sheet. Has your child encountered difficulties at school? Has he been fit? Does he have reflux?
  • Orient this report according to your summer destination. You will list all points, including security. Hygiene and comfort are not the same if you go to a holiday club or homestay in Africa or the south of France. For example, if your child is allergic to dust mites, it is better to provide, for some hotels or at the inhabitant, an anti-mite cover to protect his mattress.
  • For many destinations, it will be necessary to be very vigilant on the water, just as a mosquito net can quickly become essential.

Can he prescribe a vaccine?

  • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: Of course, the doctor will check that your child's vaccines are up to date, including the mandatory DTpolio, which fights against tetanus, polio and diphtheria. Rare in France, tetanus is common in developing countries.
  • For certain destinations, vaccines against hepatitis A, meningitis A and C may be considered, as well as a preventive treatment against malaria if you go to Africa or Asia. Specify your destination to the pediatrician.

Can a few days old baby travel?

  • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: By car without problem. You can travel in your first month, provided you do not have an infection and have prepared the ground by finding a medical center near your place of residence. Redouble your vigilance The car seat must be adapted to the age of your child and does not settle at the last moment! Stop regularly to check that everything is fine.

What to do if he feels sick?

  • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: Before 2 years, it will not hurt to the heart. Older, homeopathy is effective: Cocculine, to give the day before, the same morning and again at the start: 3 granules three times a day. If it is really sick, it is better to provide an antihistamine, type Nautamine or Mercalm. Follow the dosage carefully. The advantage? Your child sleeps for a good part of the journey! For a small trip like the taxi, choose an antivomitif.

Does a child grow older in summer?

  • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: It's especially that during the summer, you take the time to feed yourself with fruits and vegetables bursting with vitamins: strawberries, melons, tomatoes, apricots ... No need for tonics! As your child is less stressed, he enjoys a vacation to sleep well. And it is during sleep that the growth hormone is secreted optimally. Important: respect his rhythms and his sleep even on vacation! Agree for an evening a little exceptional, but then plan a good nap.

Is it a good idea to sign up for a sport?

    • Dr Beatrice di Mascio: Do not force a little child to play tennis if he does not want to! Walking and swimming are excellent sports provided they remain playful. In theory your toddler can walk one kilometer per year of age, but with breaks, games and good shoes! And it depends on the children! It is important to play with him, that it remains light.
    • Again, respect safety: no sport in the sun. And even less without a 50+ cream regularly applied, a hat and glasses to European standards. Another recommendation: at the beach, do not leave him his wet suit. He would catch little pimples. Moisture promotes maceration and fungal infections. Rinse it, dry well her buttocks. Put on a dry shirt. Even small, do not let him play naked buttocks on the sand. And when you come home in the evening, always rinse it with fresh water. If necessary, apply a paste on the water to your buttocks. Thus, you will avoid many infections.

Agnes Barboux