10 recipes of chocolate lollipops

10 recipes of chocolate lollipops

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Do you fall in love with these recipes for chocolate lollipops? This can be an opportunity for your little greedy to eat fruits and enjoy! Easy ideas found for you on Pinterest.

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10 recipes of chocolate lollipops (10 pics)

Pacifiers with banana

Make them eat banana? Nothing's easier ! Pinterest

Smarties lollipops

Melted dark chocolate and some Smarties ... We crunch after cooling in the refrigerator. Pinterest

Vitamin pacifiers

Here, they are lollipops of kiwi dark chocolate, but we can imagine lollipops of apples, oranges, bananas ... dark chocolate, white, milk. Let your imagination speak! Pinterest

Chamallow lollipops

Chamallows, dark chocolate, colored vermicelli ... a perfect recipe! Pinterest

Greedy lollipops

Ready in 10 minutes chrono, these lollipops with broken hazelnuts and chocolate will please both children and adults! Pinterest

Madeleines cake pops

Madeleines version cake pops made with spread and chocolate vermicelli. Pinterest

Lollipop pancakes

Lollipop crepes (and not Suzette), made with pancakes with chocolate paste Pinterest

Tagada lollipops

For this recipe, you need big Tagada strawberries, dark chocolate, wooden spades and sparkling sugar flakes coated with chocolate. Pinterest

Do we play Mikado?

Homemade Mikado (or not) soaked in dark chocolate then covered with praline, hazelnuts and pistachios coarsely mixed and small colored sugar balls. Pinterest

Frosted the idea!

Delicious hot chocolate and vanilla lollipops to enjoy once cooled down ... and why not ice? Pinterest