Donuts: play it sweet-salty

Donuts, like pancakes, are part of the Mardi Gras tradition. But donuts are not just sweet. Discover our recipes with cauliflower, carrot and even goat cheese! The opportunity to feast on discovering the flavors.

Video: Homemade stuffed donuts

Filled with jam or chocolate, these donuts will melt your little gourmands pleasure. To achieve them, it's easy, Solange shows us the steps in video.

The recipe in video.

Fritters of zucchini flowers

Zucchini flowers and feta ... and here are crispy donuts that will react to the whole household!

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The alphabeignets

Tasted cold or warm, these donuts will amaze your gourmands! Think about sprinkling with icing sugar. They keep very well for several days.

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Apple and pineapple donuts

Under a crispy heart hides two greedy fruits: apple and pineapple. A recipe of donuts that will melt your young greedy.

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Pretty donuts golden wish, it's the bugnes! A treat for gourmands, young and old.

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Fish fritters with carrots

From 1 year old, offer him this fish donut recipe with his carrot tagliatelle: a colorful meal and so good!

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Cauliflower donuts

Vegetables, it sometimes goes bad! Try this recipe of donuts with cauliflower ... you will tell us news. To eat with the fingers from 18 months.

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Goat fritters

It looks like spring rolls and yet they are donuts ... goat. an original recipe to try from 2 years. And always to taste with the fingers. Happiness !

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Banana fritters

Place to dessert! A recipe for banana donuts to recharge your batteries this winter. for your gourmet from 18 months, the hint of orange blossom.

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Melon fritters

Donuts, young and old alike ... try originality with this melon recipe. From 2 years old.

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