Your baby 0-1 year

To rock baby is to say to him: "I love you"

Your baby cries and you hesitate to take him in your arms for fear of making a child capricious ... However, rock your baby is good for him ... and for you too.

  • Listen to your maternal instinct, especially since several studies have shown that the more we take his baby in his arms when he cries, the less he will cry in the months that follow.
  • For nine months, he lived on one rhythm: yours. Nothing of you was foreign to him: the least of your movements, the beating of your heart ... By cradling him, you help him to land softly on our "immobile" planet, you recreate some of those moments where he and you were one. In order for it to develop harmoniously, your baby especially needs emotional security. Rocking is a tangible proof of your love for him.
  • In addition, your toddler is already a human being in his own right and his tears have an explanation. He may be hungry or sleepy. He may also feel anguish, feeling lonely. To appease his sorrow, there is no better remedy than rocking. In contact with your body, he will quickly relax, calm down. Nothing beats a hug to promote sleep.
  • Do not hesitate to join the gesture to the word: sing, dance. Lullabies have been around since the dawn of time ... and have put thousands of babies to sleep.

The rocking is also calm you

  • Hearing her baby cry without being able to soothe her, it's so stressful for a mom! Go for a walk: the rocking of the pram is often effective. Or put your toddler against you in his baby carrier: he will feel safe ... and you can continue to go about your business.