To feed his family well

How to feed you well, to bring the best to your baby by breastfeeding or bottle feeding, to ensure diversification and great meals or to cook and buy cleverly ... we offer daily advice from the third issue of the collection "The essentials of: 65 ideas to feed your family well", sold with. At table !

His milk, he is not ready to do without it

You have gradually replaced the bottle-fed meals with solid ones. Very well. But he still needs enough milk or various dairy products to cover his calcium needs.

Why milk?

And a spoon in the bottle!

Compote of apple, pear, quince or apple-banana ... what will you put him in his bottle the first time?

Let's go !

Already gourmet in utero

Sweet, salty, spicy ... it tastes already in your stomach and it is not uncommon to surprise the fetus sucking the amniotic fluid on ultrasound.

His preferences.

And the cool is really better?

The fee is really better? Sure, it's better, but only if the products are really fresh! Vegetables and fruits, just picked and already on the plate, are full of vitamins.

Fresh, frozen: our advice.

To taste, to taste? Not so easy

As long as he had no teeth, you had the impression that he swallowed all round. But since he can chew, he keeps food longer in the mouth and appreciates more the taste.

The taste, that can be learned.

Vegetables for all. And for him too!

If kids loved all zucchini, green beans, cauliflower, leeks, vinaigrette ... that would be known. Often, they prefer pasta, rice and mashed potatoes.

Vegetables, how do I get there?

The right menu for your future baby

From the beginning of your pregnancy, it is important to eat well and focus on foods that benefit your baby and that will allow it to grow well.

Foods that help him grow.

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