Put your nail well

Put your nail well

A true fashion accessory, nail polish can enhance your hands. To achieve its pose like a pro, here are some tips.

Good preparation

If you want your nail polish to last a long time, you have to prepare your nails properly.

  • Eliminate all traces of varnish using a solvent.
  • Immerse your hands in warm water soapy for a few minutes.
  • Soften the cuticles (the dead skin around the nail) with a nourishing oil.
  • Gently push these cuticles with a small boxwood stick.
  • Remove all traces of fat washing your hands and drying them well.
  • File your nails starting from the side towards the center always in the same direction.

How to apply his polish?

To have impeccably polished nails, you have to respect some rules:

  • Lay a strengthening base adapted to your nails (soft, split, striated).
  • Apply a first thin layer in three shots: one in the center, one on each side.
  • Leave a millimeter free at the base of the nail and on the sides.
  • Dry 15 minutes before the second thicker layer.

Good tips for polish

To keep your nail polish longer:

  • Apply a layer of gloss every few days.
  • Think of the dissolving pen if you slipped when laying.
  • Protect your polish with a "top coat" (transparent and shiny) that prolongs the outfit.
  • Speed ​​up drying passing your hands under cold water 2-3 minutes after application.
  • Avoid doing too much manipulation within one hour after installation.
  • Store your polish in your refrigerator between two manicure sessions to keep it more liquid

Monique Fort