Bola of pregnancy, what virtues?

Trendy jewel in pregnant women, the pregnancy bola is a ball-shaped pendant containing small metal balls emitting a slight sound with each movement. Real magic object to soothe baby, or simple fashion accessory? Here is something to enlighten you.

What is a pregnancy bola?

  • This jumping jewel is usually a gift offered to the mother-to-be by her family. This tradition goes back to Indonesian shamanic practices, and has recently been imported into France. Despite an infinite variation of styles, colors and materials, the principle remains the same: a hollow ball ("bola") pendant on an adjustable chain to allow contact on the roundness of the belly throughout the pregnancy . Inside this ball, small metal balls will clash with each movement of the mother to emit a slight sound, close to the ringing of the bell, or depending on the case, the sound of the rain stick. This little tingle perceived by the baby in the belly of his mother would have the capacity to appease him.

The first link between the baby and the future world

  • As early as the 19th week of pregnancy, the baby is able to hear the noises of the outside world and identify them. He learns to recognize the voice of his mother, his father, the familiar noises of the house, etc. Some pregnant women regularly play a music box on their belly so that the baby learns to recognize the melody. Once born, the child will calm more easily listening to this music, which he will associate with the well-being of the uterine life. It is on this same principle that the bola rests. The slight noise felt by the baby will be associated with the safety of his fetal life, and may bring him comfort after birth during his first months of life.

The first months of life to the sound of the bola

  • Birth is a trauma for babies, the next few months too. The child needs reassurance to learn how to build himself. Worn after birth, the bola will be recognized by the baby, who will associate with the pleasure of feeding and cuddling with his mother. He will be able to help him calm down at bedtime, and amuse him at the time of the exchange.
  • Later, when the child begins to detach from his mother, a good trick is to sew it to his blanket so that even alone, the baby can reassure himself. Be careful, however, it is not a toy, and the child should not risk swallowing it.

After pregnancy?

  • Unlike pregnancy clothes that are reminiscent of the transformation of the female body and which we do not always keep a good memory, the bola can be kept for a long time. Associated with the first links established between the mother and the child, it will have in addition this very feminine side of the jewel. A kind of heritage that can be passed on. As much to choose the bola with attention to be certain that it can live in the duration!

How to choose your bola?

  • You would have understood it, fashion has seized this little accessory ! Suddenly, there are thousands, for all tastes, all the qualities and at all prices! Even the big jewelery houses have started! The ball can be completely closed or reveal beads, chiseled or uniform, noble metal or alloy, with inlays of precious or raw ... The choice is not always easy.
  • In all cases, your first selection criterion must be the noise emitted by the jewel : the tingling must be very light, at the risk of exasperating the future mother with each of his gestures.
  • Then everything depends on the intended use. If you want it not to be limited to the simple fashion accessory, be demanding in your choice. Prefer pure metals to avoid the risk of allergy and deterioration of alloys. Beware of a bola very chiseled on the surface: it should not cling to the fibers of textiles, and the abyss. Finally, always choose an adjustable chain to accompany the entire duration of the pregnancy.
  • Last tip, choose a model that will suit any outfit, because if you want to appeal to its soothing virtues, you have to wear the same bola throughout your pregnancy, so be careful!

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