12 non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy

During pregnancy, it is 0 alcohol ... which does not mean that we can not have fun. Pina colada, mojito, beachcomber or sangria also exist in virgin version without alcohol. Here are 12 cocktails to savor without moderation!

Virgin Colada

A gourmet recipe of pina colada without alcohol

Virgin sangria

The recipe for sangria a little crazy!

Virgin raspberry mojito

A mojito to savor without moderation

Cocktail with carom

Carom, grapefruit and bitter lemon at the top

Canada Dry Pear Cocktail

0% alcohol and 100% pleasure

Virgin mojito apple

An original recipe

Virgin bora bora

0% alcohol and 100% pleasure

Virgin Mary

The alcohol-free version of bloody mary

Beachcomber Cocktail

0% alcohol and 100% pleasure

Sunrise Cocktail

Cape on orange and grenadine

Ginger ale with fruits

Fruits, nothing but fruits, or almost.

Spritz 0%

A cocktail that sparkles!