DIY: the messengers of spring

These are pretty little animals that announce spring! An easy DIY to make by your child, to decorate his room or your table of birthday with these adorable messengers.


  • 5 wooden clothespins
  • Card stock (different colors)
  • Yellow tracing paper
  • Golden wire
  • A yellow pipe cleaner
  • Film paper
  • A little yellow pearl
  • Felt pens and feathers
  • Glue and scissors
  • A clothesline or string


For the drone:

1. Cut the bumblebee body in black card stock and head in yellow cardstock.

2. Draw a face with a felt pen.

3. Glue a black paper horn into the bumblebee's face.

4. Cut pieces of yellow pipe cleaner and glue them to the body of the drone to form bands. Cut the wings from a film paper and stick them on the drone.

For the ladybug:

1. Cut the body of the ladybug in red card stock and head in black.

2. With a felt pen, draw small dots on the ladybug's body and stick her head to her body.

3. Spike a piece of golden wire over the top of the head and wind the parts of the wire together. These are the antennas.

For the flower:

1. Cut the petals into the white card stock.

2. Draw a dot inside the flower with a yellow marker.

3. Cut a sheet in green cardstock.

4. Paint the clothespin green.

5. Glue the petals and leaf together.

For the butterfly:

1. Cut the body of the butterfly into a green cardstock.

2. Draw over strips with black felt.

3. Cut the wings in yellow cardstock.

4. Draw a black dot on the wings.

5. Make slightly larger wings with transparent tracing paper and glue them behind the smaller wings.

6. Make a small pink cardstock circle to make the head.

7. Assemble the different parts one by one on the clothespin. Take a flower thread, fold it and glue it to the top of the clothespin to make the butterfly's antennae.

For the bird:

1. Cut the body of the bird in black cardstock.

2. Make a beak in yellow paper and stick it on the body of the bird.

3. Glue the little yellow bead to make the eye and stick the bird on the clothespin.

4. Now you can decorate the bird with the feathers by sticking them firmly.

How to suspend them?

Hang a clothesline in the house or outside and hang one by one the little characters.

This craft was designed by Sabine Lohf (