Your child 5-11 years

Notebook of texts or agenda?

"Tell mum, you buy me the Harry Potter diary?" The list of supplies in hand, you are puzzled ... Caution, choice is important!

  • The great ritual of the return to Cycle III consists in choosing between notebook and agenda. Many teachers prefer to provide or have their students purchase the same tool so that the whole class has a common reference. But others leave this appreciation to the family. Beyond the commercial issue (for you) and aesthetic (for your little schoolboy!), The construction of autonomy, in the optics of the 6th, goes through this crucial choice: where will I be able to note my lessons ?

When does it start?

  • In Cycle II, your child uses a small notebook to remember the words he or she needs to know, poems to recite, or a few lessons to learn. This notebook is always checked by the teacher: spelling, clarity of writing, complete note taking.
  • In cycle III,e time spent on this copy is reduced, reserved at the end of the day and not always reviewed by the teacher. It's up to your child to take charge of himself and take responsibility for recording his work.

In class, how long does it last?

  • In CE2, the teacher accompanies the students in setting up this skill. A quarter of an hour is devoted to it, most often at the end of the day, sometimes at the beginning of the afternoon.
  • In CM1 and CM2, a lot of time is planned at the beginning of the year for the implementation of the good habits, then the time of taking note of homework is reduced, forcing your child to be more vigilant.

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