Cake topper for cake

Cake topper for cake

The cake topper is a small decoration in royal icing that we put on top of a cake. This one is in the shape of heart with colored balls ... Too cute!


  • 30 g of sugar paste
  • 1 tablespoon royal icing (the recipe) or buttercream
  • 40 g of Sprinkles (colored sugar balls)


Spread the sugar paste on 8mm thick. Cut out the shape of your choice (here a heart). Put the stick in the center of the heart by letting it pass and then stick it by spreading sugar paste on both sides. Dry on a sheet of baking paper for 12 hours.

Once the heart is dry, turn it over and spread a thin layer of icing on it. Dip it immediately in the sprinkles. Let it dry for an hour before being able to plant it in the middle of the cake.