Calculate your temperature curve

Calculate your temperature curve

Simple to make, the temperature curve is a natural method that allows you to better know your cycle and accurately identify the day of ovulation. Follow the instructions and print out your blank temperature curve.

The symptothermal method or "temperature curve" has many advantages: you precisely identify the date of your ovulation and you get to know your cycle better. By doing this each month, you will multiply your chances of getting pregnant. Reliable, it can be very useful if you want to conceive quickly a baby or if you have difficulties to start a pregnancy.

Download your temperature curve to print by clicking on the image below

Temperature curve: how does it work?

  • This curve makes it possible to know if there is an ovulation and when it occurs. During the cycle, there is a period of low temperature, then one where it is high. Ovulation occurs at the time of transition from low to high, usually around day 14 counting from the first day of menstruation.
  • Making a basal temperature curve allows, but a posteriori, to know the moment of ovulation. It also provides information on the duration and regularity of cycles.

How to make your temperature curve?

Here is the procedure to follow to correctly realize your temperature curve:

  • Start taking your temperature at the beginning of your cycle, the first day of the rules.
  • Every morning, take your temperature on waking, fasting, before you get up (because you just have to put your foot down and get up to two or three tenths), and note it on your curve, to the nearest 1 / 10th. Every day, put a little cross on your curve and then, when you have all the little crosses, connect them together to have the curve. Precision is essential for your curve to be "legible" and your ovulation noticeable.
  • Take your temperature rectally (at least 2 minutes). Taking the temperature under the arm is not recommended because it is not precise enough.
  • Taking your temperature should be preceded by at least six to eight hours of sleep. If you slept less than four hours write it down on the sheet. Ditto if you are stressed, sick (taking medication can change your temperature) or if you drink alcohol.
  • Which thermometer to use? Preferably choose a basal digital model. Avoid high-speed digital models, which are not as reliable for an ideal reading of your temperature. If you are using an (old) mercury thermometer, shake it the day before to drop the mercury. Important precision: always use the same thermometer.

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