Pregnancy calendar: the 11th week of pregnancy (13th SA)

Pregnancy calendar: the 11th week of pregnancy (13th SA)

Finally, you will begin to round up ... Normal, your little host grows too. He now measures 6 cm from the head to the coccyx and weighs about 30 g. Did you know ? At this stage, it is especially his head which is voluminous ...

Baby side: from now on, he just has to grow

All the vital organs, external and internal, are in place and most of them are functioning. It is now possible to recognize a boy: a draft penis appears on this little "being" which now measures 6 cm from the head to the coccyx (8.5 cm from head to heels) and weighs about 28-30 g. Your fetus draws food and oxygen from the umbilical cord.

The head is still bulky, it represents a third of the body. You can see the nose in the middle of the face, especially his nostrils. We see the first bones of the fetus, those of the pelvis and ribs. Your future baby also emits waste that is released from his body, which is then sent into the placenta and into the maternal circulation. A natural process that you do not perceive at all!

Mother's future side: vertigo of love

If, like most pregnant women, you still fit in your jeans, you have however rounded up well: your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit! Increased blood supply and lower blood pressure can cause vertigo. You can fight them by walking regularly in the fresh air. In case of untimely hunger, you must listen to your body. However, be sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet. And remember, if you have diabetes, have your blood glucose checked regularly.

Medical question: do you live a multiple pregnancy?

Thanks to ultrasound, a real window open on the belly of the mother, the doctor now very quickly detects the presence of more than one child, if two tiny hearts beat, for example. Women who have multiple pregnancies are subject to special surveillance.

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What if you announced your pregnancy to your employer? There is no legal obligation or official method to respect, it is just a matter of allowing your employer to organize for your maternity leave.

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