Pregnancy calendar: the third week of pregnancy (5th SA)

Pregnancy calendar: the third week of pregnancy (5th SA)

That's it, you're sure! Not only have you not had your period, while you usually do not have a day late, but your body is also starting to react.

Baby side: the sex of the fetus already determined

The size of your baby increases at the speed of lightning or almost: it now measures, stand well, almost 2 mm!
During this third week of pregnancy, the cells will divide into three embryonic layers, which will form the different parts of your baby's body. The first leaflet determines the liver, bladder, pancreas, thyroid and mucosa of the digestive tract. The middle leaflet is responsible for the muscles, bones, kidneys, blood vessels and cartilage. Finally, the outer leaflet shapes the brain, the nervous system, the skin and the hair.
At this stage, not only is the sex of your baby already determined, but the very first cell "knows" also if the embryo has inherited the blue eyes of his daddy and his mom's straight hair, or if your future child will be left-handed.

Mother's future: what a week!

It's the beginning of your pregnancy, the beginning of a new life. To preserve your baby and put all chances on your side for this (possible) pregnancy, always tell your doctor that you may be expecting a child, especially if you have to have an X-ray (X-rays are harmful). Similarly, if you plan on having a dental amalgam, postpone this project until the mercury released can gain saliva.

It is possible that small bleeding makes you doubt. Frequent in early pregnancy, these are the blood vessels of the uterine lining that can bleed during implantation of the egg. Do you have bleeding that is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen? Before thinking about a miscarriage (a spontaneous abortion) or an ectopic pregnancy, that is to say a pregnancy that develops outside the uterine cavity, go to the hospital. The doctor will reassure you.

Medical question: a glass of alcohol ... What damage?

Alcohol harms the development of the fetus. Expectant mothers are often scared because they drank one or two glasses while they were still unaware that they were pregnant. Do not panic. The fact that a future mother drinks only has serious consequences when the embryo is definitely dependent on maternal blood circulation.
However, at the time of this link, the woman already knows she is pregnant. Tell yourself that at this stage of your pregnancy, either the fertilized embryo is evolving normally, or it is not developing at all. The fact that you are pregnant also means that your child is in good health.

If you are taking a long-term medication for an illness (for example, high blood pressure), talk about your child's plan with your doctor.

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Do not forget to update your vital card to enjoy all your rights. You can perform this update in the reception points of your primary fund as well as in hospitals and pharmacies.

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