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Prevention campaign on the risks of the sun

INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) is launching a major prevention campaign on solar risks starting in July. The goal is to better understand the dangers of the sun and adopt the right actions to protect themselves.

  • Summer is coming, the holidays, the beachbut also ... the sun and its risks. For this, the INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) has planned a major campaign to raise public awareness of the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • INPES recalls some precautions to takeespecially when children are concerned. Until puberty, their skin and eyes are more fragile and more sensitive to UV rays than those of adults. Babies can not be exposed to the sun under any circumstances. It is recommended not to let children expose themselves to the sun between noon and 4 pm and to coat them with sunscreen regularly, every two hours and after each swim. When playing in the sun, it is essential that they always wear a hat, a T-shirt and sunglasses. Since the children's lens is transparent, it does not have the same barriers as an adult against UV rays.
  • It's about children's health that the sun turns out to be the most harmful. Indeed, a child who has sunburn is more likely to develop melanoma in adulthood.

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Alison Novic