Heat wave: 6 tips to refresh baby

Heat wave: 6 tips to refresh baby

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The heat waves are not easy to bear for the body and even less for that of children. The main risk? The dehydration. To avoid it, some precautions are necessary. Our advices.

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Heat wave: 6 tips to refresh baby (6 photos)

1. Have him drink water regularly

During hot weather, young children are particularly exposed because they can not yet regulate the temperature of their body. The golden rule is to properly hydrate your baby. He must quench his thirst! But when they are young, babies can not tell when they are thirsty, or want to drink. So offer your baby his bottle of water every half hour.

2. Offer him a seasonal diet

Its hydration also goes through its diet. So if your child has started to diversify his diet, think of fruits and vegetables fresh and seasonal (melons, watermelons, brugnons, peaches, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini ...). Depending on his age, he can consume them mixed or in pieces.

3. Relax the hot hours

In summer, there is no question of strolling or going to the beach between 11 am and 4 pm and sometimes even later, during periods of high temperatures. When it's hot, stay cool in the houses and favor the shade.

When you go out, look for cool places like parks or forests. At the beach, beware, the shade of the umbrella does not protect your child from the heat stroke. The heat, which affects the sand, can significantly increase the temperature of his body.

4. Refresh the temperature of his body

When the mercury climbs, the temperature of the body too. Beware of hot weather! Dab regularly and gently, with a glove or a fresh damp cloth, his forehead, neck, neck, temples. You can still use a water mist. And when you go out, style it with his bob that you have previously wet.

Think also to refresh, to give him several times a day, baths at about 35 ° C.

5. Dress him up slightly

To be less bothered by the sweltering heat, keep his wardrobe to a minimum. And cotton, nothing but cotton! This material regulates the ventilation of the body and allows the natural evaporation of perspiration.

At night, do not cover it too much. A short-sleeved bodysuit will do the trick!

6. Keep your room cool

To evacuate the heat, put yourself in the Mediterranean time! Leave the shutters closed all day, making sure to open the windows so that her room does not look like a jar! To help him get a good night's sleep, you can equip his room with a fan that will keep you away from your baby, so that he does not catch cold by sweating.

If the heat is such that it can not sleep, consider hanging a wet sheet at the window to spread a little cool.