Large family card: instructions for use

Large family card: instructions for use

Inexpensive and practical, the large family card allows you to travel by train at a reduced price, while benefiting from discounts at many partners. We take stock.

Large family card: who is it for?

  • The large family card is reserved for families with at least 3 minor children. Good news: there is no requirement of special resources to benefit from it, nor condition of nationality. On the other hand, it is imperative to reside in France, in a regular situation.

And many stepfamilies?

  • Blended families can benefit from the large family card. The children of each member of the couple are taken into account (but you must have custody and ensure their effective and permanent load). Attention: in situation of alternate custody, the parent who can benefit from the card is the one at which the judge has fixed the residence of the child. As for the children born of the new union, they are, of course, also "counted" ...

How to apply?

  • The SNCF puts at your disposal a form for the large family card, directly online. Just fill it out and send it to the SNCF, enclosing with your request all the necessary supporting documents, namely: a photo ID of each family member, a photocopy of your family record book (or any other document proving that you are a family) and a photocopy of an identity document proving your nationality (eg photocopy of your national identity card). If you are a foreigner residing in France, you will also be asked to provide a proof of your residence (eg: photocopy of the residence card).

What price?

  • The large family card is not free but its price is low compared to the savings made thanks to it! It will cost you only 19 €, even if you have more than 3 children.

How long to receive it?

  • Allow about 3 weeks for each member of your family to receive their personal card.

What are the advantages of the large family card?

  • The large family card offers various benefits, including reduced RATP rates. These are becoming more important depending on the number of children. For example, for a family of 3 children, the rail rate reduction is 30% for each family member. It rises to 40% for a family of 4 children (maximum rate: 75% for families with 6 or more children). With this card, you can also get discounts from many partners such as museums, zoos, cinemas or commercial signs like Redoute for example.

How long is it valid and can it be renewed?

  • The validity period of the large family card is 3 years. Renewal is possible as long as you have at least 3 dependent minor children. If one of your children is 18 years old during the period of validity, you will still benefit from a percentage of reduction, inquire.

What about the family child card?

  • The family child card has been set up for 5 years to offer discounts to families of 1 or 2 children. Since August 29, 2014, it is no longer possible to apply for or renew this card ... However, if yours is still valid, you can use it until it expires.

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