These plants that do good

These plants that do good

Cleaning products, chipboard, paints and electromagnetic waves emit toxic substances ... and the air in homes is generally more polluted than outside air. Think of the depolluting plants to clean up your interior!

  • Cleverly placing certain specific plants in the house can reduce the amount of pollutants in the indoor air such as formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene. The principle ? The plant absorbs toxic substances and releases, by a gas exchange, water vapor. Follow the guide to choose them according to the rooms of the house.

In the dining room

  • It is a central place in a house or apartment, the living room where many pollutants coexist like carbon monoxide released by the chimney, formaldehyde by varnishes and chipboard furniture, xylene parquets ... To clean up your stay, you are spoiled for choice: aglaonema, chrysanthemum (effective against all substances), spathiphyllum... Or, why not a palm tree, very decorative, or a gerbera jamesonii, a dracaena marginata or one pothos ? More classic but nevertheless effective: the ficus where the yucca, very easy to maintain.

In the kitchen

  • Here, the important thing is to eliminate bad odors and eliminate toxic products that can escape from daily cleaning products. For this you can opt for a anthurium. Easy to maintain and very decorative, this plant has the capacity to absorb ammonia, widely used in hygiene products. You can also opt for theazalea, or why not a Rhapis, shrub native to Asia. Near your microwave, install a cactus or one crassula (also called jade tree), they have the ability to absorb all the waves.

In the bathroom and toilets

  • As in the kitchen, we must clean up the air polluted by the chemicals we use: deodorants, cleaning products, aerosols .... You can place the same plants as those in the kitchen, a dracaena "janet craig" or a boston fern.

In the bedroom

  • No, having a plant in your room is not bad, quite the contrary. It is even the room to pamper since we spend long moments there. If you have a TV in your room, do not hesitate to place a cactus nearby, to evacuate the waves that may be responsible for sleep disorders. To eliminate the products coming from the carpets, textiles, parquet and paintings chlorophytum comosum, at theierre, at kentia or to sanseveria. You can now sleep soundly!

In the office

  • The main problem is the waves emitted by the computer and any products in the furniture or carpet. Same principle as in other rooms, install, a small cactus or one jade tree near the computer. And for the rest a areca, a pretty butterfly orchid or one croton.

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And remember to keep your indoor air healthy, air the entire house for at least 15 minutes a day, do not obstruct the vents and clean them regularly so they stay efficient.

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