It's decided ! I buy my first child bike!

It's decided ! I buy my first child bike!

When Christmas comes or the birthday of the youngest, we often ask ourselves the question of the ideal gift. A good part of the parents we are already have faced the purchase of a motor vehicle like a quad or a small motorcycle. Unless you have solid mechanical knowledge, you are often confused by the vast choice available to us.

That's why we will try today to help you see more clearly for the purchase of your child bike!

My child is between 3 and 6 years old

  • For the youngest children, we advise you to buy an electric motorcycle little powerful and stable. The advantage of an electric motorcycle for a relatively young child lies mainly in the safety interest. Indeed, a heat engine (gasoline) rises quickly in temperature as the exhaust. The great danger is that a child, too young to understand the risk he faces, puts his hands on these boiling surfaces and burns himself. From the point of view of motorization for this age there are generally electric models with 250w motor. This type of motorization is ample enough to start the practice of the bike. Remember to watch that the battery life is sufficient to not frustrate your child when he decides to go play with his bike. A good autonomy for a small motorcycle child is around 1h-1h30. Also check that the essential accessory for learning your child, I named "small wheels" are included with the child bike. Keep in mind that you are buying a toy rather than a real quad.

My child is between 6 and 13 years old

  • We arrive at the age range of the little daredevils and other budding stuntmen. At this age, we recommend the use of a child bike model that is called "Pocket Cross". These small bikes are the true copies of motocross found in adults. Here you have the choice between the model with thermal engine (gasoline) or the electric motor. The pocket cross with gasoline engine is the most widespread and the most sold in France. It is equipped with a 49cc engine and a 2-stroke engine that is probably the same as you can find on your mower or brushcutter. This type of engine requires an oil / fuel mixture before filling the tank. The main advantage of this version is that it is significantly cheaper than the electric model. The child motorized electric motor is more expensive but also quieter, more convenient, safer and has a 500w engine more lively and more torque.

  • All pocket cross brands are not equal and do not all offer the same level of requirement and quality. To make a success of your purchase we advise you to direct your choice towards a model of the brand "KEROX". This French brand is the largest seller of quad and motorcycle child territory. She has beaten her notoriety on the quality of the machines she proposes for sale. Distributor side, we recommend the shop "LEBONQUAD" which is the specialist on the Internet selling quads and motorcycles for children.

My child is over 13 years old

  • If your child is over 13 years old and he wants to have an all terrain bike at his size and size, we advise you to direct him to the "Pit Bike". This small motocross is very scalable because there is an impressive range of engines and manufacturers. Much smaller than a motocross, it is however acclaimed by children, teenagers and even adults who represent a large part of the clientele. If your child starts and wants to learn, there are models to 70cc, 90cc and 110cc with automatic or semi automatic.

  • If your child is older and is used to riding this type of machine, free to him to acquire more powerful models of 125cc, 140cc, 150cc and even 190cc! There are many different manufacturers on the market but if you are looking for the best value for money in the sector, we recommend the French brand "BASTOS BIKE". This brand is renowned for offering very good quality machines at very attractive prices. Regarding the purchase of the latter, we invite you to visit the online store of "WKX RACING". They have the widest and most complete catalog in terms of machines and spare parts of all the competition. You will necessarily find the brand BASTOS BIKE and all other brands of Pit Bike.

That's it! We hope that we were able to help you form an opinion for the purchase of your child's bike!