What is Moro's reflex?

What is Moro's reflex?

At birth, your baby has several archaic reflexes, including the Moro reflex that lasts up to two months. What is it for and how is it manifested?

What is Moro's reflex?

  • As the suction or automatic walking, it is one of the seven archaic or primary reflexes of the infant. These involuntary movements appear in utero after the 32nd week and continue the first year of life, the time necessary to allow the nervous system of the child to finish its maturation. The first few months, these reflexes directly inherited from our ancestors, are intended to help him adapt to his environment.

Why test this Moro reflex?

  • They allow pediatrician to check that your baby is doing well. Its response to archaic reflexes is a guarantee that it develops perfectly from a motor and neurological point of view.

How does the pediatrician test this reflex?

  • The reflex of Moro, or parachutist reflex, triggers in the baby when he is in an abnormal posture or hears an unexpected noise. During the test, completely painless, your baby is lying down. The pediatrician raises it by holding it by the hands, then lets it fall, gently. Surprised, the baby will instinctively raise his arms and legs and open his hands. This reflex is due to the change of angle of the head relative to the trunk. He then brings his arms back to his chest and usually starts to cry, but it is not obligatory.

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