It's a real daredevil

It's a real daredevil

He does not walk, he gallops. It does not tricycle, but formula 1. Nothing stops this "adventurer sandboxes"! Do not panic, here are some tips for channeling your energy.

It's full of energy, it's his age!

  • Run, jump, climb, turn and even falling are activities that allow your child to refine his motor skills. Slippages are common because he learns to control his impulses. This is a big step in his development: he sharpens his "knowledge of the muscles".
  • A beneficial energy. This motor skill also supports his future intellectual acquisitions. The running child successively activates the left and right part of his legs and arms. By the time he learns to read, he will have unconsciously integrated the laterality.
  • He discovers the world. "We can not prevent all the harmful explorations of his child," said Francoise Dolto. Your toddler must follow his own path towards self-reliance. When he plays without putting himself in danger, wait until he asks for your help before intervening.

Main objective: protect it

  • Give him the sense of danger by reminding him of the limits in a comprehensible and firm way until he has integrated them: "No, you do not open the window", "No, you do not leave the square without me" ... Little by little, he will recognize the danger and protect himself from it.
  • Even if you have secured your house, do not forget to remind him of the safety instructions. It will not always evolve in such suitable places.

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