It's a real jack-of-all-world

It's a real jack-of-all-world

Your toddler knows how to walk and he benefits. Not a minute without him noticing an object and ... Oops, open the drawers, put your fingers near the jacks, approach the objects of his mouth. Exhausting!

In the kitchen, your child is fond of the detergent cupboard. In the living room, he loves to slide his sandwich in the video recorder or to taste the earth of the flower pots. Do you think the corridors of the apartment are safe? You forget the electrical outlets ... Every room in the house is dangerous and it is up to you to ensure the safety of your inquisitive person.

Curious about everything ? It's all right

  • He's making progress. The behavior of a child from 1 to 2 years who is interested in his environment, reveals a good development. The curiosity, sometimes excessive, of your toddler proves his desire to progress. The opposite - a child who stays in his corner without moving - would be worrying.
  • He wakes up. Manipulating objects, fabrics, plants, earth, crumbs of bread ... allows him to exercise his intelligence and awaken his senses.
  • He knots, through the skin, a first contact with the outside world. By perceiving reality by touch, he adapts better to it. If with his eyes, he records information on colors, shapes, he discovers, with his fingers, the properties and role of objects, their weight, composition or texture.
  • He develops intellect and motor skills. By exploring objects, he compares, aligns, moves. He thus establishes cause and effect relationships. For example, when he pulls on the tablecloth to take his bottle, he discovers the notion of "posed". But if !
  • If he begins to climb a chair to reach the phone, he will work his balance. Through all these small adventures in which he starts, he can go after his physical skills and build his confidence in him.
  • It acquires its autonomy. Even if you warn him of danger, he may continue his business. He does not provoke you, he explores and self-stimulates.

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