Candlemas: funny ideas

Candlemas: funny ideas

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For Candlemas, pancakes and pancakes are at the party and can even be disguised to open the appetite of gourmands! Put a touch of fantasy in your recipes with these funny ideas unearthed on Pinterest. To devour eyes before devouring them.

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Candlemas: Funny Ideas (30 photos)

Candlemas: Give them a rabbit!

Give them a rabbit!

No, we're laughing! Just put a rabbit in their plate ... Pancakes of different sizes, grated coconut for the tail, banana slices and choco points for the legs ... This one will not have time to save itself like a rabbit, it will be crunched!


Candlemas: The Princess Frog

The princess frog

Mango, kiwi, black grapes, apple, green melon ... and presto!

Candlemas: Chat then!

Chat then!

Here is a cat's muzzle that needs to be devoured ... For the decor, Smarties and dark chocolate. In the crepe, put what you like!

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Candlemas: Gourmet Hippo

Gourmet Hippo

Fruity idea!

Candlemas: Take out the giraffe!

Take out the giraffe!

A folding of pancakes, grapes, whipped cream, dry reasons and dried red fruits ... the savannah is waiting to be devoured.


Candlemas: Cute Bear cub

Cute cub

With pancakes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, easy to impress your cubs!


Candlemas: And that jumps!

Hurry up !

With this kangaroo, it will jump for sure! Pancakes (a little cooked for the baby), cutting, whipped cream, chocolate ... take out the big game!


Candlemas: Sunbeams


Sunbathe with a pancake, strawberry pieces, chocolate spikes and two black grapes. It gives you fishing, does not it?


Candlemas: Idea to stitch

Idea to stitch

Mini pancakes and strawberries, that's a maxi idea!


Candlemas: The joker rabbit

The joker rabbit

Joker because his mustaches are cheese! For the rest, you need pancakes big and small, bananas for big ears, a strawberry for the muzzle, blueberries and vanilla cream or whipped cream for the eyes. For teeth, use pineapple.


Candlemas: Sunny crepe

Sunny crepe

Illuminate the eyes of your greedy with this crepe sun. Blend of pancakes, banana slices and blueberries, for the eyes and the nose, mouth in melted chocolate and corolla of strawberries ... Yum!


Candlemas: The Planet Cake

The planet cake

Pancakes, whipped cream, red currant jelly and multicolored sugar confetti ... this is the cake of the planet Crépomium.


Candlemas: It's not stupid!

It's not stupid!

A pancake, slices of strawberries, raisins, pieces of banana and whipped cream ... that's a pretty little creature!


Candlemas: What a clown's head!

What a clown's head!

Make your gourmands laugh! A pancake, watermelon triangles, a banana for the mouth with a little strawberry syrup, a scoop of ice for the nose, slices of Marshmallows for the eyes and the round of the bow-tie, Smarties ... and here is the clown is here! Well, we hurry to eat before the ice melts ...


Candlemas: The laughing pancake

The laughing pancake

Make an aumonière with a crepe filled with jam or compote (or choco for the greedy) and decorate with a little melted chocolate ... Funny, right?


Candlemas: Rainbow pancakes

Rainbow pancakes

Pink, red, blue, green ... remember to add a touch of food coloring in your pancake batter to change!


Candlemas: confetti pancakes

Confetti pancakes

Put a touch of color with food confetti, it changes everything!


Candlemas: may the force be with you

May the force be with you

Cooking over low heat and food coloring, the 2 secrets of this recipe with pancakes. To draw the patterns, use a soft bottle to put the dough.


Candlemas: The Queen


A pancake, an orange quarter for the mouth, orange peel for the crown and earrings, grated coconut and chocolate for the hair, banana eyes and chocolate marbles ... it's the coronation of the queen!

Candlemas: The goblin has a grain

The goblin has a grain

Too cute this goblin! Whipped cream, grapes for the nose, eyebrows and cap, strawberry for the mouth, small pieces of marshmallow and raisins for the eyes. He's so cute.


Candlemas: The smiling man

The man smile

Did you see his bangs? Just cut a 2nd pancake to make it. Then, banana, strawberry, dry reasons and voila!


Candlemas: The Elephant

The elephant

A big hunger? This elephant will do the trick !!

Candlemas: Down the masks

Down the masks!

A pancake, chocolate, sugar decorations and a slice of lemon for the mouth ... who goes there?


Candlemas: The Owl

The owl

A fruity owl to enjoy the eyes ...

Candlemas: Naughty Rabbit

Naughty Rabbit

Pancake, bananas, strawberry syrup ... nothing more simple!

Candlemas: Pretty miss

Pretty girl

Crappy, no?

Candlemas: Flying Fish

Flying fish

These fish are a great idea to fish!

Candlemas: April Fool's Day

April Fool

Make a joke to your greedy with this pancake-fish!


Candlemas: The monkey

The monkey

No way to make the monkey at tea time ... whatever!

Candlemas: the dragonfly

The dragonfly

A recipe idea to fly!

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