Candlemaker: place to pancakes!

Candlemaker: place to pancakes!

February 2nd ... it's the Candlemas! Candlelight, it's especially those pancakes for all gourmands. Discover our recipes for sweet and savory pancakes, good ideas and writing tips, our Candlemas special quiz ...


Pancakes: recipes and that jumps!

Sweet or savory, pancakes are the delight of gourmands ... young and old! To enjoy the Candlemas, February 2, here are some nice and delicious recipes to enjoy with the family.

It's pancakes party!

Candlemas: funny ideas

For Candlemas, pancakes and pancakes are at the party and can even be disguised to open the appetite of gourmands! Put a touch of fantasy in your recipes with these funny ideas unearthed on Pinterest. To devour eyes before devouring them.

Gourmet ideas

Recipe on video: pancake art

At the Candlemas, we eat pancakes and pancakes! Excite your gourmands with this original recipe of pancake art proposed by Anne-Sophie, Best Pastry M6.

See the recipe in video

The Candlemas a whole story

The Candlemas Festival is February 2nd, forty days after Christmas. Explain to your little greedy that this holiday was once candlelight and, above all, blow up the pancakes!

A pancake party, good idea!

Candlemas questions

It's time to make pancakes and enjoy them of course, but do you know the origins and customs around this gourmet party? We celebrate exactly at Candlemas? What does the shape of pancakes evoke? Here is a quiz to answer all your questions.

Place in the quiz.

Pancakes: good writing ideas

The pancakes ... we really like that in the writing! And each has its own recipe or personal tip to share. Discover our good (well, hopefully ...) ideas and share yours!

Our special Candlemas ideas.