Change of pace, bed ... 2 questions about his sleep

Change of pace, bed ... 2 questions about his sleep

Difficulties to find his bed after the holidays, a desire to escape the bars of his bed ... Sleep is not always easy. Answers with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

A disturbed sleep with the holidays

  • Hanane's question:"I'm the mother of a little Sacha aged two and a half, and after three weeks of vacation in a rental, my daughter does not want to sleep in bed anymore." She settles on the floor with her lit bedside lamp. On the other hand, at the nursery, everything is going well ... Have you ever been confronted with this kind of behavior? "
  • The vacation period is often traumatic ... for the sleep rhythms of the smallest to the biggest of children. Indeed, the "time donors" - who are the structuring elements of these rhythms - are jostled during the holidays. But with the return and the obligations that come with, including the regular schedules to sleep and get up, little by little, everything comes back in order. Just a little patience.

Without bars in bed, how are things going to be?

  • Thomas's question: "Albert just celebrated his 2 years and, for a week, he climbs the bars of his bed.We will remove them, but we wonder how are the sunsets because so our son can get up instead of sleeping.
  • Climbing the bars of his bed, your little boy seems to show you that his bed no longer meets his needs and desires. You are attentive to what he expresses and you are right! Albert will surely be happy with this change, a step in his development.
  • At first, he will probably try to join you to enjoy you, but you will have to be firm, taking the time to explain to him that the day has a beginning and an end and that the children go to bed before the parents, that there is a time for children, another for parents with children, and finally a time for adults without children. All this without getting upset and walking your son in bed with patience and kindness.
  • Choose a low bed and, for possible falls, place a mattress or foam pad on the floor.

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