Car loading: our advice

Car loading: our advice

The holidays arrive ... it's time to collect the luggage, group the bikes, baby bottles, diapers ... but also to check that side car and loading luggage and other bikes, everything rolls! Our advices.

Side car, everything rolls?

  • Before charging your car for the big trip, make sure it works well. A truth of Lapalisse? Not so sure when you see the condition of some vehicles on the road. No question, especially when traveling with children to skip this step.

Check-up of the coach

  • In principle, if your car is properly maintained during the year, it can make many kilometers without problems.
  • However, make some simple and common sense gestures: clean the windows and lights, fill the washer reservoir and check the tire pressure (according to the manufacturer's recommendations in the door). If oil change or overhaul is approaching, do not wait until the day before departure to perform these checks!

Loading: nothing to report

  • The golden rule? Always place heavier objects in the trunk. Also, never leave a bottle of water or pound at sharp angles on the rear shelf where they may turn into a deadly projectile in case of sudden braking.
  • If you have a roof box, maintain it properly with the proper device, usually roof bars, and do not overload it as you could endanger the stability of your car. For this, check on the one hand, on the technical note of your vehicle, what is the maximum load supported by the roof bars or the flag of your car, and on the other hand, the volume authorized by the roof box, from 300 to 600 liters, in principle, depending on the models.

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