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Proper nutrition helps keep your child's teeth healthy. Small quiz to have - or keep - the good reflexes. With the advice of Dr. Catherine Artaud, pediatric dentist.


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Some foods protect teeth from cavities.

That's right. It's wrong.


Some foods protect teeth from cavities. They are also called protective foods, moderators or "cariostatic". Among them are lipids, rich in vitamins and fatty acids, certain proteins such as caseins contained in dairy products, and finally certain minerals and vitamins such as phosphorus, calcium, fluorine and alcohol. vitamin D. A little technical reminder: every time we eat, an almost invisible film is formed on the teeth made of food debris mixed with saliva and bacteria present in the mouth. This is called dental plaque. Some of these bacteria feed on sugars from the diet and at the same time produce acids that will attack tooth enamel. With a direct consequence, the appearance of a caries.