Crossed slippers

Crossed slippers

Vermilion pile side, fuchsia side face, these slippers are too cabbage! Presented in the April 2012 issue of, they are made in garter stitch intersect on the top.

Unique size


Phil'thalassa quality of Phildar

1 ball Bengal color

1 ball of Poppy color

Needles n ° 3,5


Pt foam: tric. always at the end.

Download the boss.


Go up 19 m., Ea. No. 3,5, col. Poppy and 19 m. collar. Bengal (38 m.)

Tric. with foam

At 5 cm high. tot., rab. of ch. side 1 x 14 m.

It remains 10 m. (ie 5 m Poppy collar and 5 m Bengal collar)

At 12.5 cm high. early. rab. the m.

Knit a second slipper similar.

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