Hair, nails: nothing is ok?

No, not all moms are lucky enough to have beautiful hair and nails for nine months. Hormones sometimes play ugly tricks. Overview and solutions.

Dull, greasy hair

  • If, under the effect of the hormones of pregnancy, some future mothers find themselves with dreamy hair, silky, voluminous, for others, it is less the case. During pregnancy, normal hair can become oily or dry like chopsticks. Bright hair is dull.

What solutions?

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner suited to your "new" hair nature. Preferably a mild, nonionic shampoo. Once a week, give them a mask of care.
  • Avoid anything that can weaken your hair: hair dryers, hair gels, hairspray and stains (remember that it is safe during pregnancy). And then, rest assured, everything will return to normal after the birth of your baby.
  • Think of food supplements in the form of capsules (wheat germ, royal jelly, brewer's yeast ...), it is effective, and safe for your baby.

Soft and brittle nails

  • Nails soft, brittle, friable, the nails also undergo changes under the effect of the hormones of the pregnancy. For some future moms, they will be more beautiful ... but this is not always the case.

What solutions?

  • Start by taking care of your hands, you will take care of your nails. Avoid irritating soaps and use a soap-free product. After each hand wash, apply a nourishing cream, or better a nourishing oil.
  • Wear gloves for housework and if you are tackling DIY for the decor of the nursery!
  • For your manicure, choose a cardboard file, less fragile for your nails than a metal file.
  • Far from being gadgets, special creams for nails or hair / nail capsules (safe for your future baby) can be helpful.

Grandma's tips:

  • Once a week, soak your nails for 10 minutes in a bowl of hypersaline water (put water in a bowl and then pour salt until saturation).
  • In the evening before sleeping, apply a good layer of cream or nourishing oil on your hands and nails, put on gloves and keep them all night ... or as much time as you can.