At grandma's, with dad ... how's it going?

At grandma's, with dad ... how's it going?

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new number of the collection "The essentials of: 50 keys for a well proportioned authority", sold with the June issue of. Today, where?

At his grandparents

  • Thorny question that of authority among grandparents ... It will have to be flexible and understanding! Put yourself in their place: they raised their own children, had to wear the clothes of parents bastard. Normal that today they want to be grandpas and granny grandmas with their grandchildren, right?
  • But from your side, you are also perfectly entitled to expect that they respect your educational principles, do not criticize them in front of your child. So that's what you can say to your parents and in-laws: "Okay for you to spoil him and show you flowing, but on such specific topics, I urge you to abide by our rules."

With his dad

  • You find that his father is too harsh or completely lax, too much this and not enough that! It makes sense, a father and a mother never quite have the same way of educating their child ... But you will not be able to force your "ex" to act at his place like you, you have decided: take in your party.
  • Just explain the situation to your child: "At daddy, you have the right to watch TV in the morning, at home it's forbidden, it's like that." Quickly, he will understand the rules that are attached at one place and another. He does it for the nursery, the nanny and the school, why not for Dad's house? Do not underestimate your toddler's abilities!

Isabelle Gravillon

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