Chic, a puzzle!

Chic, a puzzle!

Few children do not know a "puzzle period". Exceptional too, parents who do not push them to play with this smart game that takes long periods ... in peace.

Why a puzzle?

  • The puzzle is a game of manipulation and awakening that solicits various skills of your child : visual attention, hand / eye coordination, concentration and skill. Not to mention the patience and, of course, the pleasure to create and reproduce the same image as the one on the packaging! This is one of the games that will please him at this age.

Which ?

  • The first puzzle to offer your child is a built-in model which is in the form of separate pieces that your child must first orient correctly to be able to insert them in the good precut form. Make sure the parts are easily handled by the little clumsy hands.
  • Watch him play with the puzzles of the toy library for example, to know which one to buy, a model of four, eight, sixteen or twenty pieces?


  • In wood or cardboard, opt for a puzzle that is in keeping with its age range, neither too easy (otherwise, he will be bored), nor too complicated (which will demotivate him). Let him choose the pattern he likes, he will all the more want to build it that it is he who has selected a skit or a character.

A good idea for his hobbies

  • On rainy Sundays, have fun creating your own puzzle Cut out a photo or magazine page and paste it on cardboard before cutting some large, small pieces in the beginning. Then ask your child to reconstruct the picture. Bravo!

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Safia Amor