Your baby 0-1 year

Choose the right bib

You doubt the effectiveness of the bib, persuaded that a sheet of paper towel or a towel will do the trick?

What's the point of a bib?

  • To protect the clean clothes of your baby. Of course, the bib in question must be big enough to cover his torso, even his legs!

Which subject to privilege?

  • Choose it in fabric (cotton, velvet or sponge) or plastic, with or without tank, with sleeves why not, but especially that easily put on by the head: scratch (attention the hair!), Button (with a buttonhole rather wide) or, better, elastic!

Which model to choose?

  • Opt for a bib that cleans easily, under tap water or machine and in several copies, to ward off your child's many meals, especially those based on vegetable purees. Carrots, in particular, you will tell us news!

Safia Amor