Choose your sleeping bag

Choose your sleeping bag

This bag-pajamas equipped with suspenders, in which you install your baby for the night, is also called "turbulette" or "comforter". Very safe way to protect your baby during the night, it is also a fashion accessory that comes in all colors.

Why buy a baby sleeping bag?

  • Because it is not recommended to sleep your baby under a duvet or blanket because of the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). And the sleeping bag is a sure way to cover him during his sleep, at least until his 18 months.

Which one to choose ?

  • Take it neither too small (not comfortable) nor too big (so that your baby slides inside). Buy it with your baby to be able to try it in the store.
  • Prefer an opening zip over the entire length makes it easy to thread.
  • Check the resistance of the snap closures on the shoulders.
  • The presence of an inner panty eliminates any risk of slipping and provides additional security.

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