Choose a double stroller

Choose a double stroller

Ideal when you have twins or children of close ages, the double stroller is a purchase that is not made lightly. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing it.

Double stroller: the weight argument

  • Double strollers are heavy. Normal, they welcome two children, about fifteen kilos each, which represents in all a weight to maneuver of about 40 kg.
  • So choose a model with a handlebar easy to handle, adjustable height, and of course swivel wheels easier to move.
  • A double cane stroller can weigh 3 kg less than a classic double. The cane also has the advantage of folding umbrella, ultra-simple, and its compactness. Convenient in small spaces, including when owning a city car, mini, so!
  • Attention to the braking system : The more heavy a stroller, the harder it is to stop it!

Comfort side

  • Some double strollers welcome two babies and then move with the children. Others are adapted to an infant and a senior, with two separate seats, one registered for birth and the other from 6 months. The birth seat must be able to lie completely.
  • For your child to have a cozy seat, check that the hammocks are fleece.
  • A stroller equipped withshock absorbers guarantees a good road comfort too.
  • In addition, make sure you have a footrest in the center to prevent the small rear passenger from having their legs swinging.
  • Finally, the hood must be sufficiently covering to protect it from the sun's rays, and with an opening, your child will also feel less locked in his stroller while you can take a look at him.


  • The problem with the double stroller is that it takes up space. Strollers with seats in line are preferred as well as those with retractable wheels, which can be removed to fit more easily the stroller in a car trunk, for example.
  • Online, in tandem, upside down, side by side: the important thing is to make sure your double stroller fits your lifestyle. Citadine, you will bend for a double stroller as narrow as possible (not more than 75 cm). In the countryside, your choice will focus more on the size of the wheels: the larger ones are particularly well suited to steep paths.
  • Be careful of folding too, think of folding in length and width, as canes.

Safia Amor

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