Choice of the first name, what influence?

Choice of the first name, what influence?

The first name of your child, you often think about it even before conception ... Choosing a name is a sacred responsibility. It also reflects not only your taste for you, parents, but sometimes also your story, your dreams, your hopes ...

"I wear the name of a great-aunt, an extraordinary woman, and by calling me that, my parents wanted to give me some of their intellectual strength, and I had no choice but to be first. in class and to carry out advanced studies. "The woman who speaks is now a teacher and researcher at the university. Is the name a kind of imposed guide?

The first name: a "motor" always unique!

  • The first name is the support of the identity. A child is built on models and the name is one of those on which he will rely to build his personality. To be named is downright vital ... to exist!
  • Although shared with others, the first name was chosen for a specific person. This is the word that your baby will hear the most during his early years. "The name is of paramount importance, insists Joel Clerget, a psychoanalyst.We designate things, we name people.It structures images of the body, it gives body to our being.It is he who will later allow the child to say "I" Do you realize how important it is? "

A choice that is never the result of chance

  • Register your child in the family, a social group, a family history. The choice of a first name is always an extension of a parental project. This "project" can be strictly narcissistic. Have not we heard mothers wish to give their child the name of the doll they had small, or even act?
  • " The first name reveals what the parents are planning, according to obviously unconscious impulses, says Joel Clerget. All this is done most of the time without their knowledge, revealing the history of each genealogy. "And the sonic, rhythmic form of the chosen name is very eloquent: Nadine called her daughter Edith, the first name of her maternal grandmother, a character who was enthroned at the head of the tribe until her death." let my daughter live with the memory of this extraordinary woman, "said Nadine," that she carries a little in her heart what she has been. "
  • It is important to tell the child later the story of his name. "When we are born, we are given labels, emotional and intellectual, suggests Chantal Rialland, a psycho-genealogist.The names are the first projection of our family on us.They make it possible to understand what our parents wished us to reproduce. essential if you want to free yourself! "In the same way, the first names male-female say a lot about the sex that we wanted for his child!

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