Holiday Club, which one to choose?

Holiday Club, which one to choose?

In the Hexagon, holiday clubs compete for attention to accommodate families. So where do you turn when you book your vacation? Here are the essential information to choose.


For almost 50 years, VVF Villages has been working hard to welcome families to holiday villages on a human scale.

  • For your baby before 2 years : summer or winter, choose a Baby Club destination. You will enjoy a free Babi'Kit with all the necessary equipment: high chair, bath and bed (please ask when booking). Some VVF also offer a formula Seérénité Bébé with housing specially equipped (and secure) for the little ones with provision of stroller-cane, deckchair, night light, changing table ... Side support, the Babi BoO offers a plug in loads babies from 3 months old by specialists in early childhood.
  • For the older ones : The 3 to 6 years can go to the club P'tit BoO. Awakening games, artistic activities, shows, nature workshops, animators do not miss ideas! The Bout'chou space is there for you to spend time with your child.
  • The +: Children's clubs are included in the starting price. Discounts are possible thanks to holiday checks and reductions related to the family quotient (10 to 20%).
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