1 year in the skin of a baby

1 year in the skin of a baby

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Broadcast on Wednesday, August 10 at 9 pm on M6, this unpublished documentary-fiction unveils our first 365 days of life, this first chapter of our life that we have all lived but which nobody remembers ...

  • August 10, 2016 at 9 pm, M6 gives us an appointment with Mathilde ... to live the incredible human epic of a baby, from the day of his birth to his first steps, throughout his first year of life. Narrated in the first person by actress Audrey Lamy, herself a mother of a little Leo since June 24, this 110-minute documentary unveils our first 365 days telling the incredible human epic of a baby.
  • What does he see, what does he hear, what does he feel? What is his life from 0 to 1 year? It is through little Mathilde that we will discover the adventures of a baby, his first joys, successes, but also his first tests and defeats ... An exceptional and original documentary-fiction, combining extraordinary human adventure and scientific documentary in pictures synthesis, supported by the lighting of specialists like Dr. Lyonel Rossant, pediatrician.

A film written by: Patrick Spica, Jerome Korkikian. Directors Sylviane Schmitt, Jérôme Korkikian, Pierre-François Glaymann.