How to boost your relationship

The holidays, the right time to boost your couple and give them beautiful colors that will last beyond the summer. How to be together, communicate, desire, help each other ... in short, love each other! Check out some of the tips from our 12th issue of "The Essentials of: 64 Keys to Boost Your Couple", sold with the August 2011 issue of.

Couple: ending up at two

As long as the children are small, they mobilize you concretely, physically, but also psychically and this leaves you little time to go out, to provide you with space exclusively for two.

How to meet?

Couple: talk about everything!

Communicating is essential because it allows you to organize well on a daily basis and enrich each other with what everyone lives on their side.

I communicate !

Couple: share

In France, women assume 80% of these obligations, while they are also 80% to work. Even when they are moms most often. So, what is your man's position on the subject?

Shared tasks, instructions for use.

Couple: impose a turn of role

Every day is difficult for the one who assumes with the children, but in turn, it feels good and you come home much less tense!

We alternate?

Couple: assume the fluctuations of desire

Do you sometimes feel that you have to climb the Himalayas when you find your dear and stretch out in bed. You worked all day, you took care of the children on your way back ...

Find the balance.

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