How to protect it from the cold

How to protect it from the cold

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It's not easy for your toddler to resist the cold. The solution ? Good hydration and warm clothes.

Good hydration

Skin that pulls, dry hands, chapped lips ... in winter, the skin of your child is subjected to a severe test. To help him pass the course, remember to hydrate him:

  • His face : to avoid scabs, these red and rough plaques that form on the cheeks in contact with the cold, moisturize the face of your child, if possible several times a day, with a greasy cream.
  • His hands : Sebum-free, your child's hands have an unfortunate tendency to dry out when temperatures drop. To remedy this, make sure your toddler wears gloves when he comes out, and moisturize his hands well with the moisturizer you use for his face.
  • His lips : fragile, they are very sensitive to the cold and can chafe, especially if your child moisten them to reduce the feeling of tightness. To avoid this, apply a lip stick several times a day (slip it into his pocket while at school) and spread a moisturizer around the edge, if needed.

Warm clothes

  • From the first cold snaps, cover your child well. Be careful though not to "mummify" it! It is important that he can move and that his body can sweat. On a cotton t-shirt, opt for a warm sweater made of wool or fleece, rather than synthetic fiber.
  • Finally, do not forget to protect your head and ears with a hood: the cold attacks the ends first!

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