How to recognize a contraction?

Do you know how to decode your contractions? How are they characterized and are they always painful? Responses from Caroline Schoch, midwife.

  • A contraction is characterized by the fact that the belly, the uterus hardens everywhere. It molds the position of the baby and the belly takes a shape a little unusual, it is hard and it has a shape, yes, unusual.
  • The contraction is not necessarily painful, it can be characterized by pain at the time of work, but during pregnancy, it can be quite painless.
  • A contraction will last a minute to a minute and a half. A contraction is cyclical, it will come, we can compare it to a wave, it will go up, it will reach a maximum, then it will start again and that for a minute, a minute and a half. And it can come back after 5 minutes, as it can return after 1/4 hour, but what characterizes it is that it is cyclic.
  • The pain of contractions during work actually increases. On the other hand, the pain is not necessarily unbearable during work, since not all patients have the same threshold of pain.

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