How to be at the top pregnant?

How to be at the top pregnant?

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Although many women today are comfortable with their bodies, some still struggle to accept changes related to pregnancy. Here are some tips to feel beautiful every day.

  • First of all, to start the day well, take the time to stretch and do some breathing exercises. Then, after a breakfast rich in vitamins, practice some muscular exercises. Over the months, the weight of your baby weighs on your legs and pulls on your back, a regular physical activity will strengthen your musculature and facilitate your maintenance.

How to dress ?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not tighten your waist or breasts. During the first quarter, your skirts and pants will fit easily, you can match them with a sweater or a top a little wide. By the end of the first quarter, you will definitely want to go to specialty stores. You will find everything you want and you will choose according to your tastes and your budget. The first purchase will be the purchase of a well-fitting bra.

And beauty care?

  • Mothers-to-be have a particular brilliance. It is often said that they are radiant: the fresh complexion and the bright eyes. This comes from their diet and lifestyle: good nights, exercise, a healthy diet, vitamins, no cigarettes and no alcohol. The skin does not show any particular tendency to dry out. All the better because during pregnancy it is advisable today to use cosmetics as little as possible and to choose unscented ones as they could have adverse effects on the baby's development.

Some extra precautions:

  • Do not color your hair
  • Avoid spray products, such as deodorants
  • Avoid products containing even natural essential oils

Protect yourself from the sun

  • Sometimes brown spots, such as those that make up the pregnancy mask, can appear on the body. This pigmentation can be seen as a line from the navel to the pubic area. This pigmentation will gradually disappear after delivery. As for the pregnancy mask, avoid exposure to the sun. And think, summer and winter, to wear a hat or cap.
  • During pregnancy, your whole body will adapt to your baby's development: the belly rounds, the weight changes, the breasts swell and become firm. By resting, having a good diet, taking care of yourself and your appearance, you will live these transformations as a new way of being beautiful, a true fulfillment.

Article excerpt from the book I'm waiting for a child by Laurence Pernoud (edited by Horay)

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