Your child 5-11 years

Understand a text

Your curious little one asks you what is written on his package of cereals in the morning? Take every opportunity to awaken your reading appetite! Here's how learning happens at school and our tips for giving him love of books at home.

  • From an early age, your child sees his parents, perhaps his brothers and sisters, his older friends, read books, newspapers, notices, posters, advertisements, mail, etc. Certainly, the frequent use of reading by relatives can pass unnoticed more easily than the use of speech. Yet, your child is often the direct beneficiary of the action when told what is written, when you go through a book with him and tell him the story.

When does it start?

  • Your child is never too young to read books. He lives in a world of written communication and that's why he learns to read. If the learning of reading is not in the program of the nursery school, it must give the opportunity to the children of an oral impregnation of the words and the structures of the written language, preliminary prerequisite to any act of reading. It is by a daily meeting with the albums of the children's literature that this impregnation will take place.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Everyday practically and on short time lapse, children have a reading time with the adult. This reading can be done in the morning, so it is often the starting point of the activities that will follow (graphic design workshops, reading, word recognition ...).
  • On average, it lasts no more than 30 minutes. We can find another moment of reading at the beginning of the afternoon, a calm time where the reading allows to escape, to dream, to relax. The end of the day can be an opportunity to gather the group around a story and wait for moms time sharing a good time.

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