Maternity leave, instructions for use

Maternity leave, instructions for use

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How long before birth can you stop working? And after ? Answers to your questions about the precious maternity leave.

What is the legal duration of maternity leave?

  • If you do not have a child or one dependent child, you can stop 16 weeks (6 before delivery and 10 after)
  • Do you have at least two dependent children? The total duration of your maternity leave is 26 weeks (8 then 18).
  • If you're expecting twins, he goes on to 34 weeks (12 and then 22 weeks) and 12 more or 46 weeks for triplets (24 and 22 weeks).
  • Know that it is possible, with the agreement of your doctor, to postpone part of your prenatal leave (3 weeks maximum) after your delivery. Your postnatal leave will be increased accordingly.
Your family situtationLength of prenatal leaveLength of postnatal leaveTotal duration of maternity leave
You do not have a child or a single dependent child6 weeks10 weeks16 weeks
You have at least two dependent children8 weeks18 weeks26 weeks
You expect twins12 weeks22 weeks34 weeks
You expect triplets or more24 weeks22 weeks46 weeks

What happens in case of premature delivery?

  • Weeks that have not been taken during your prenatal leave will be postponed after the birth of your child.
  • If your delivery takes place more than 6 weeks before the scheduled date and that your baby must be hospitalized, you will enjoy a longer and compensated maternity leave. The rest allowance will be increased by the number of days from birth to 6 weeks before the expected date of delivery.
  • It should be noted that the legal duration of maternity leave is set by the Labor Code (Article L.1225-17), but collective agreements or branch agreements may provide for more favorable provisions. It's up to you to find out.

What if I give birth after?

  • Your baby has decided to go beyond the date of the term to arrive? The prenatal leave is extended until the date of delivery, the post-natal leave is not changed.

Is this leave flexible?

You can, under certain conditions, modulate the dates of your leave.

  • Advance the beginning of your prenatal leave: it is possible (without any justification) to advance this leave by a maximum of 2 weeks if you already have two dependent children and a maximum of 4 weeks if you are expecting twins. Good to know: the postnatal leave will be shortened accordingly.
  • Back off the beginning of your prenatal leave: it is possible to delay the start of your leave by up to 3 weeks (your postnatal leave will be lengthened by the same amount). All you have to do is send the day before your leave at the latest, a request for postponement of maternity leave accompanied by a medical certificate before you are able to continue working.

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