Pancakes on the go (Phi Van Thanh)

My daughter Laly, 31 months, does not hold up, especially when you have to sit down to eat. The best is to make it eat haphazardly luck on the run. So, I have a solution! Which and the child who does not like pancakes?


  • Salty pancake dough, vegetable purée (carrot, zucchini, broccoli, according to your child's taste), grated gruyere.


Make a base of salty pancake batter, but put less milk. Add the vegetable puree (if you do not have the time to make a house, there are very good frozen). Once the dough is ready and rested, make a pancake, turn it over and then, on the cooked side, sprinkle with grated cheese. Let it melt for a moment to finally roll it. Give your child when she is a little chilled. A simple idea, which brings all the nutrients with the benefits of vegetables in a very small crepe!