Discover organic sun care

You are a fan of organic, but there is care that protects against sun damage as well as conventional products on the skin. No problem, cosmetologists have concocted effective care that meet your expectations.

What is organic solar?

The main asset of a sun care is its sunscreens that protect UVA and UVB.

In an organic cream, the formula is different. Explanations:

  • No synthesis filters from petrochemicals.
  • Presence of mineral filters therefore natural, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
  • These micro-pigments reflect the sun's rays on the skin like a mirror.
  • Absence of paraben, preservatives and perfume.

Are they as effective?

Like traditional care, they must meet compositional standards, namely:

  • Respect those imposed by European directives on cosmetics.
  • Be subject to controls a posteriori by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).
  • Guarantee that they offer the protection displayed on its packaging.
  • Offer a range of protection indices from 15 to 50.

What do they blame?

Three characteristics are particularly interesting, but organic specialists have tried to remedy this.

  • Contain too much alcohol (preservative) that dries the skin.
  • Include in their composition essential oils often allergenic.
  • Leave a white film due to the micro-pigments.

Monique Fort

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