From 12 months to 10 years: 4 tips for your child to put on his sunglasses

From 12 months to 10 years: 4 tips for your child to put on his sunglasses

Far from being accessories, sunglasses are essential to protect the eyes of your little holidaymaker. You, you are convinced (and you are right) ... it much less.

Age by age, our advice

0-2 years

  • As soon as he starts going out for a walk - let alone if he was born in the spring - your infant must be equipped with sunglasses. The difficulties begin around 6-7 months, when he is able to remove them. Choose headband goggles (the branches are replaced by an adjustable headband) or plan a large elastic band to keep them behind your head.

2-5 years

  • If your child refuses to put them at that age, it is often in the spirit of protest. Caress him in the direction of the hair by explaining to him that all the "big" put their sunglasses on and proposing his own as soon as you put yours. To keep them in place, you can leave them the elastic band.

5-8 years

  • Long live the "age of reason"! In general, the choice is relatively simple at this age, and your child accepts them without difficulty. He is even very proud to come with you to choose his glasses.

8-12 years

  • The glasses become a fashion accessory. More attentive to his look, your child wants to choose them himself, on specific criteria ... Negotiation is possible, but not on the quality of protection! No to fancy models bought at the hurry to the supermarket, which often offer only a weak protection!

Sophie Cousin

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