Outdoor games for sunny days

Outdoor games for sunny days

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From the beach to the garden, from the park to the terrace, these new games are just waiting to get some fresh air to get the kids moving. Discover our selection of games 2015.

Elisabeth Tzimakas

Outdoor games for sunny days (28 photos)

From 18 months: Small bath

While waiting for the big blue, the water games are allowed in small outdoor pool on this table equipped with two bins. The first, devoted to water, is equipped with a mill and the second, intended for sand, invites creativity. Everything closes with a lid to become a drawing table once back home. Table sand and water of Smoby, 50 €.
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From 2 years old: High environmental quality

The apprentice builders will have a good ecological base with this set of beach. If the bucket, shovel, sieve and rake are strong enough to raise castles, they are not likely to pollute the landscape with their nice design, nor the planet because of their recycled algae material. Well done?! Beach set Whale de Coq en Pâte, 20 €.
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From 9 months: Mini Fangio

Canopy: he has it, bottle holder: he has it, storage box: it has ... The budding pilots will have all the equipment to enjoy the walks, pushed by adult. As soon as they can take control, it will be enough to disassemble the bucket seat to turn this pusher into a well-bodied car.
Bubble Go from Smoby, 82,44 €.
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From 1 year old: for builder

Over here, the pretty cottages or pâtés! Complete set with transparent bucket to see if all accessories are complete. € 6.99 (Oxybul).

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From 3 years old: Summer Alphabet

Too funny, small molds in letter forms to make pies ... literary. 27 € the 26 pieces (Spielstabil).
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From 3 years old: Ferris wheel

Better than the carnival, this all terrain wheel allows acrobats to ride on grass, sand and even try to advance on the water. After the effort, she becomes a comfortable rocking chair to cradle the dreamers lying in her heart. Oxybul Crazybull, inflatable wheel of 137 cm diameter suitable for children from 3 to 8 years, € 34.99.
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From 3 years old: Jumping ball

Your little Frozen fans will be able to jump for joy: 7.99 (Toys are us).

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From 4 years: Rainbow

While waiting for the Olympics, this ring game will be perfect for practicing the art of throwing. Revised in a very graphic version, this classic will put small and large on par: the youngest placed 1 meter from the base, the largest far behind ... or inversely depending on the address of each ?! Launch of lacquered wood rings from Hape, € 19.80.
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From 5 years old: new-look bolide

Attention, racing in sight ?! This machine of a new kind is seated and advances to the strength of the calf. It is enough for the apprentice pilot to settle in the seat and push the crossbar with the feet to gain speed. Right, left, right, left: a real breeze. Ezyroller adjustable structure from 5 to 14 years, 99 € at Nature and discoveries.
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From 1 year: In the water the Minions!

Your little Minion likes fresh water? This small inflatable pool with the image of the Minions should make him happy. Its diameter is 100 cm and its height of 20 cm. A tip: always keep an eye on your little bather!
€ 19.99 (Mondo).
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From 8 years old: Sniper

No doubt today, William Tell would adopt without hesitation this futuristic launcher, equipped with two types of projectiles: oranges whistling in flight and greens that stick to all surfaces ... even apples. With a range of 30 meters it is sold with three cans that will serve as a target, to teach good manners to new heroes. Zooma pocket shooter Goliath, 15 €, on sale in toy stores.

From 3 years old: Fleet on the water

At the boarding the sailors. ! We also know parents who will feast with this wooden sailboat, 29.09 € (Vilac).
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From 3 years old: This is the keel!

Nice, these rubbery monkeys are going to bowling with your clever little ones. 29 € (Plan Toys).
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From 6 months: Inflated!

This inflatable playground will allow your loulous from 6 to 24 months to play without getting tired. Thanks to its airy net, it offers excellent air circulation. € 34.90 (Ludi).
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From 3 years old: Small critters

If they hate to see the little animals climb on their clothes when they play in the grass, they will love watching them come in and out of this little wooden house. Just hang it out of the wind, on a tree or balcony, to invite all insects to come live.
Insect hotel Moulin Roty, € 18.90.
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From 2 years old: slip with Winnie

90 cm glide with Winnie the Pooh in the garden ... it's the foot! We love its non-slip steps and the ability to connect the garden hose for a cool shot. 51, 38 euros (Smoby).

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From 5 years old: Queen of skiing

She thought she knew everything about the scooter, it will change the situation. With its flexible handlebars facilitating turns and its three wheels offering better stability, her free figures! Safely of course.
3-wheel flexible skate The ice queen of La Grande Récré, 43,50 €.
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From 3 years old: Hands up

No question of bubbling all summer: with this gun, the little straighteners will run to the rescue of the world and eradicate the bad guys, bursts of ... magic soap bubbles.
My Lansay Electric Bubble Gun, 22,50 €.
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From 2 years old: and that jumps!

This funny inflatable plastic animal (but solid) allows to jump and to take for a rider. 29.95 euros (jumping horse "Rody").

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From 2 years old: globe-trotter

My first is a bearer retro look, my second a suitcase with a capacity of 13 liters, my third a trolley with a strap to be pulled by an adult and my all a funny multifunctional scooter, ideal for traveling in family.
Skoot carrying case, 59,90 €.
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From 12 months: What water

In the pool or in the bath, in the flowerbeds or vegetable garden, nothing better than to offer water to all thirsty in the heart of summer. But watch out for sprinkler parts.
Miffy watering can of Bianca and Family, 4,40 €.
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From 5 years old: Go everywhere

Not even afraid of uneven surfaces, ruts and other potholes: this radio-controlled machine plays with all the obstacles. Even returned, he continues to trace his route safely through his driving system on both sides. Too fun.
Silverlit 360 Cross Exost Car: 24.99 €.
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From 3 years old: Bolide without pedals

This balance bike for 3-6 years allows them to learn to master the basics of balance cycling. Padded saddle, saddle adjustable on 3 heights, rack ... a beautiful team for beautiful equipped! Boikibike Boikido Bike Balance Bike. 99 €.
In specialized stores.

From 3 years: Inflated

Rigolos, 61 cm inflated aquarium balloons. In pink or blue, to choose. Intex Aquarium Balloons. € 3.50.
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From 2 years old: good fishing!

With this funny game, it is the one who fishes the most ducks who won. We try ? 19.99 euros (Janod).

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From 18 months: sea lorry

This truck carries all the necessary equipment for your sea bass. What to have fun on the beach or in the garden.14,95 euros (Ecoiffier).

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From 1 year old: green submarine

100% recycled plastic, without bisphenol, this 26 cm submarine will entertain your little vacationer. 15 euros (Trumpet).

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From 1 year old: for builder

Learn shapes and colors, a breeze this summer with this Sabléo set to play with sand and water. 12.99 euros (Oxybul).

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